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Dan and Phil Quotes/Moments

Dan and Phil Quotes/Moments

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Phil Trash #1.000001 By DanisnotonfireLolzor Completed

These are just some Dan and Phil quotes that I like. Some are funny, some are "so inspirational1!1!1!1", and some are just adorable. I hope some of these quotes make you smile! Enjoy the book!


If you choose to recreate this book, that's great and I'm so happy that you like it, but please give credit or ask me first, thank you :)

🤣 I screamed that in a shop once, lets just say it didn't go down well..
Oml yes!!!!!!!!! That is literally my life everyday. And then Dan does it... is it bad I said it in his voice?
pancreak pancreak Nov 21, 2016
Lets all take a moment of silence for people who told there parents Dan and Phil are rolemodels
- - Feb 20
I hate when people say that Phil only got where he is because of Dan.
imfckinglazy imfckinglazy Oct 31, 2016
My friend actually said that "Phil looks lifeless when staring at the camera" and I slapped her.
                              So, don't ever say something bad that isn't true about the people I like or you'll end up having a bad time (hello Sans)
Cosplay_trash17 Cosplay_trash17 Dec 26, 2016
"Please place item in the bagging area"
                              "It's in the motherf*cking bagging area!"