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Their Mate!

Their Mate!

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Eila By Eila_Marie Updated Feb 17

Werewolves and mate? What is going on.
"What do you mean? Werewolves aren't real" Is all I manage to get out. All of the boys sighs.
"That's not true. Look here" Liam says. When I have my eyes fixed one him his eyes changes colour to a red kind of colour.
"I'm Liam's wolf Zalfur. It's a pleasure to meet you" Liam smiles brightly and he takes my hand.
"My mate is indeed very beautiful" He says. This is so weird.
"Ah thank you" I'm so confused by all of this. What is a mate?
"Zalfur don't touch her" Niall growls or is that Niall his eyes are lighter than before. He notices me starring at him and he smiles.
"Hi I'm Niall's wolf Felv" Nialls wide smile is contagious. I smile back at him.
"H-hi" I say my voice a bit shaky from all of this.

I hope you'll like this book :) (:

harryssweetiepi harryssweetiepi Nov 01, 2016
English is my mother language and I still don't understand it so you're good fam 😂 I like this story so far
gudda28 gudda28 Dec 17, 2016
Zayn is just an assh0le cos now he left Perrie for someone else as well. Personally I think that both Gigi and Perrie are too good for him!
I mean you know I kinda get it. Why have a girl you have ti share with 4 other guys when you could have a girl you've known forever
RaeleanH RaeleanH Oct 27, 2015
Everything is fine, I love your storyline  keep up the good work.  :-)
StringCurtains StringCurtains Jun 12, 2015
You should have told in the starting or in the description that this is a 1D fanfic. I'm not a hater but I'm not a fan either. I just don't care about them. Don't hate me for that. I'm really not interested in anything that involves 1D or any other fanfics. Sorry.