Normal is Boring (Spencer Reid/Criminal Minds)

Normal is Boring (Spencer Reid/Criminal Minds)

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✧♛♡앨리손♡♛✧ By alittlebitbias Updated Nov 19, 2014

Nalani "Nali" Kale works for the NYPD as a Medical Examiner (Forensic Pathologist) and is considered one of the best. She spends up to ten hours with the bodies, and after awhile she began to talk to them, making connections. She struggles with social interactions and only converses with others in the Precinct.

One day when a man named Aaron Hotchner walks through her lab doors offering her a job at the FBI in the BAU, how can she turn that down?! 

With Nalani's strange morals and attitude, how will profiler Spencer Reid get to know her, and maybe see she's not as eccentric as they think....

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I've have a perfectly good social life. Sure they're all fictional (dead; Nali) or online, but who cares.
honestly, what job dealing with dead bodies and such wouldn't give you a completely different view on life
Nah I'm really tan with a couple pimples. I don't break out.
She's from Miami and her twin bro is called Ryan. Why am I thinking of Ryan Wolfe!?!!!?
Trying-to-Refine Trying-to-Refine Jun 03, 2017've written a story about me that's awesome I feel unintentionally famous😂😎❤
SarcasticandShy SarcasticandShy Jun 27, 2017
I feel like this information is gonna be very useful in future chaps