License To Steal...Your Heart? - On Hold

License To Steal...Your Heart? - On Hold

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agnes By watermelonsushi Updated Nov 10, 2010

“Well, since you are of the top of the talented four, I have called you on for a mission. Now, this mission is unlike any mission you will encounter.  It requires you talents, and it is very risky and dangerous.” 

Intrigued, I leaned forwards in my chair, eager to hear about the mission.

“You have been chosen to steal Sebastian Leeward’s talent necklace."


   Ever since those words left the Headmaster's lips, Gillian Lockhart has only found the truth to his words. Being one of the top of Talented Four at Skill Institute, it was an honor to be chosen to steal Sebastian Leeward's talent necklace, the top of the Talented Four at their rivaling school, Talent Academy. Talent necklaces were a person's most prized possession; their source of power and talent. Crossing paths, they Gillian soon finds out that Sebastian had the same mission; to steal her talent necklace. An unexpected twist forces them to work together. Surviving betrayal and uncovering unwanted emotions, they soon find out that their mission, may be more challenging than they thought.

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ki99654le ki99654le Nov 30, 2010
Lol, really?  They are so carelessly regretful of each others impending doom. 
xxitunes22 xxitunes22 Nov 19, 2010
heyy good start...i cann see that they will def meet again
                              also could u read/comment on my new story if you get the chance thnx
babygurl1234 babygurl1234 Oct 16, 2010
@watermelonsushi its harder than it sounds, have u read your story? ahah lol that was a stupid question but still its completely awesome!
watermelonsushi watermelonsushi Oct 16, 2010
@babygurl1234 lol dont get to worked up :) im trying as hard as i can, and i'm going to get a chapter up tommorrow :) im just super busy now a days, but dont worry, ill make sure i'm worth your vote! thanks! :)
Chris_critique Chris_critique Oct 11, 2010
Maybe too quick and flirty than anything else. I'm not feeling the vibe around your story.
                              cut it out with over descriptions, its a little over the top and i wont read further if this keeps on.
justadreamer justadreamer Aug 24, 2010
Wow this is great!!! I like it :) Keep up the great work! :D