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The Emerald Thief

The Emerald Thief

43.9K Reads 577 Votes 19 Part Story
Rosie By blueXroses Completed

Esmeralda Stonegate has lived on the run for the past 2 years. She doesn't talk about why to anyone, not even her brother. She swore to herself never to cross the sea back to the land she's running from. She's about to break that promise. The Knight brothers are on the run for thier lives and they need Esmeralda's expertize to get them across the sea. Esmeralda sees in them what she saw in herself when she was running and she feels compelled to help them; despite the consequences. Those consequences mean her returning to the place that has haunted her dreams for for years.

  • alternate
  • brothers
  • family
  • fear
  • journey
  • mystery
  • past
  • romance
  • siblings
  • theives
  • travel
  • truth
  • world