Call of the Boundary [Hunter x Hunter fiction] (Discontinued)

Call of the Boundary [Hunter x Hunter fiction] (Discontinued)

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Cycle2-X By Cycle2-X Updated Oct 31, 2016

(Season 1 of "the Other Hunter" book)

A girl named Nina Heith was living her normal life when suddenly, her father says that she is from the Hunter x Hunter series, an anime she had always love since she was a kid, and that her real name was Silvia Arsona. She struggles as she starts her new adventure in this new world to find her brother. What will happen next when she finds out about the world she used to live in?

A tale of a girl who makes friends and has adventure around the world while uncovering the secrets that lies within her...

-1st Place in the HXHWattyAwards, Kurapika Kurta Category
-Inspired by: @Awesome_Day_Dreamer 's story "My Life As Athedite Aphrona"

Roymustang24 Roymustang24 Jul 08, 2016
Am I the only one that notices this but in FMA there is a little girl named Nina..
Admiral6 Admiral6 Mar 15, 2016
Remember, she has an evil step mother. She's probably mean and gives her a bed time. Poor girl
Wendy5050 Wendy5050 Dec 03, 2015
That's not me. I say that I have to go to sleep whenever it's 3 am because I only need 4 hours of sleep to properly function. On the weekends though, I sleep for about 4/5 of the day.😀😀😀🔫
- - Jul 30, 2015
This story is awfully a lot like "My life as Athedite Aprohna.." I would appreciate if you wouldnt. Take original work and make something similar like this at least give credit unless this is your own. Bc if you did I would awfully be mad even if it isn't my work you copied.. Sorry if I was rude.
SilverUta SilverUta Jul 28, 2015
psh 10:30. I must've had an all nighter the day before or something.
JamesLudvigUmali JamesLudvigUmali Jul 23, 2015
what is the name of tittle in th full story of areal hunter x hunter?