War For POWER (Klaus Mikaelson)

War For POWER (Klaus Mikaelson)

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Rose Lightwood By Queen_Rose_Mikaelson Updated Aug 06, 2016

Rose Labonair is the 20 year old, younger sister of Hayley Marshall. She's destined to be with Klaus. But with the crisis that her family is going through, she's left in charge of making sure that Hope is Safe, and Happy. Putting everything she wants aside to help her family. She finds herself pregnant with Klaus's child but seeing the pregnancy her sister was put through she decides to keep it a secret. She finds herself falling in love with one of the Mikaelson brothers and Klaus doesn't like that very much. She's left going through pregnancy, raising her baby niece, finding love, marriage, & being stabbed in the back by her sister. Did I mention that she's a tribrid? No?. Well follow Rose in her roller-coaster ride of a life. 

"FAMILY IS POWER"-Elijah Mikaelson 

"I don't own any of the THE ORIGINALS characters just a few extra ones. all rights go to THE CW AND THE CREATORS OF THE SHOWS."

Ummm to be honest I don't completely know anymore. Maybe undercover or something? Am such an awful author not gonna lie.
beacontodiaries beacontodiaries Aug 06, 2016
I was really enjoying the description until it said she was a tribrid