Don't call me that!

Don't call me that!

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TheDarkBlossom By Otaku3kp Updated Jun 26

Sakura is a selfless person and a kind innocent soul 

What happens if everyone turns against her and insults her 

What will she do? Who will she turn to?
Who will help her in her time of need?

So is it itasaku now? And if that doesn't work out, well keep hopping around until Sakura find the right Uchiha. Because she can't date anyone besides Uchiha's
BANG! BANG! BANG! (banging her head in the wall) WHY? AUTHOR-CHAN??? WHYYY???????? I DONT WANT SASUKE AND SAKURA BE SIBLING-LIKE.....😭😭😭😭
You know a story is original when it uses a generic idea but doesn't use stuck up Sasuke
_DatOtaku_ _DatOtaku_ May 08
Sasuke: hey I'm taking your spot on team seven, here's a map and advise and I always loved you bye!
                              Sakura: WTF
ThatEczemaGirl ThatEczemaGirl Jun 16, 2016
Wow that's a very sweet relationship, didn't expect that one
Dew_SansbyTrash Dew_SansbyTrash Sep 18, 2016
This almost, ALMOST makes up for all the crap he pulled. Maybe... Probably not. But hey! An ass of a man-baby can try.
                              I'm rolling out insults to Uchiha-san right now, omp xD