asura x reader (+lemon) hello darkness

asura x reader (+lemon) hello darkness

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♡grace♡ By grace_the_weirdo Completed

I was Just a normal school girl enrolled in DWMA, Till the day that medusa decided to betray us all and release the Kishin. He is everything I should hate but.. Should I? The people I love, lives put in danger... I just don't know anymore.
The blood or the tears? Does he see any? If he likes to cause me and the world so much pain, then why bother and kiss me? 
From my weapon's secrets to my own, ones I didn't even know about, I just can't figure anything out anymore..
Maybe I should just fall into the madness.. Maybe I should just fall for him.... Maybe I should just.... Fall for this monster.. Closing my eyes and I can't see him anymore..
........Hello darkness.......

WARNING: super fucked up

Check out the sequel!

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Pluto_dudeYT Pluto_dudeYT Sep 08, 2017
there is a place where u can "build-a-boyfriend" its called your mind :I
Pluto_dudeYT Pluto_dudeYT Sep 08, 2017
i likr dr stein.... i want to be a scientist and dissect things.....
AstridTheTrash AstridTheTrash Dec 30, 2017
San is for males. Chan usually refers to female. Also just no to the San stuff altogether unless it's all in Japanese
Izayabae Izayabae Apr 03, 2017
I love the name Grace, because it's my real name. And you almost described me perfectly. I just don't have red hair or green eyes.
Pluto_dudeYT Pluto_dudeYT Sep 08, 2017
on google translate i put in japanese maka san and in english it came up with Mr-marker  im dying with laughter
DeadAcc0unt DeadAcc0unt Jun 19, 2016
Lol Spirit😂😂👍🏻👏🏻👊🏻👌🏻✌🏻️