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Spiritual #2
(A number of times)

I had choices to make, a lot of them were hard. Sometimes I felt I was lost and sometimes I felt I was headed to nowhere but one of my choices stood out. I am proud of that choice. It's the biggest MCQ of my life that I got right. I had the option of Romeo and Juliet, I had the option of Jane Eyre and Rochester, Salim and Anarkali, Elizabeth Bennet and Darcy, Shah Jahan and Mumtaz, Laila and Majnun, Catherine and Heathcliff, I even had the option of Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters, even of Allie and Noah, of Margo and Quentin. But I chose Ayesha R.A and Muhammad S.A.W. I chose Fatima R.A and Ali R.A.

And I am happy with my choices.

-Ayesha Ibkar

Oh my God!? Just 15? I thought they all are in their twenties! She's even younger than me! That's so awkward 😬
It's awesome and contains things that are beneficial. Jazakillah khair
miclause miclause Nov 04
Oh my god, I love this so much! You're an amazing writer, the way you portrayed this! I hits deep inside.
Midnightdreams1307 Midnightdreams1307 5 hours ago
Verily, in the remembrance of Allah (swt) do the hearts find peace. <3
sumayyah1403 sumayyah1403 Nov 13, 2014
Mashallah sister you story is amazing and you don't need to change anything bc it's perfect to me inshallah you will carry on writing this amazing story :)
minahilzameer minahilzameer Nov 09, 2014
awww pleasure :* well u hv WETTED MY APPETITE NOW and i m gonna read ur other stories too!