Sex Lessons With Ashton Irwin

Sex Lessons With Ashton Irwin

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"See it as a deal. You're innocent and want to learn for the future. I want your body."


"No buts. We have a deal?"


Dylan was always an innocent girl that always listened. She was like the Virgin Mary. As a 17 year old who's never had her first kiss. She finds Ashton Irwin her dad's boss' son. He sees her and wants her body. She opens up to him and he says that he'll teach her. What will happen ? Find out in sex lessons with Ashton Irwin. 

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All I hear is "Hey you young, attractive, impressionable teenage girl, go take this also young and attractive teenage boy with purple hair, piercings, and raging hormones to your bedroom"
pacify-afi pacify-afi Apr 09
What I'm hearing: Go take Ash upstairs and bang until dinner is done
Layla doesn't know anything. Dylan could on eHarmony right now making a match
Opening up to a complete stranger with no thought or consent
Rindorie Rindorie May 07
My name's Elyse and my boyfriend's name is Dylan... That's gonna be weird 😂
pacify-afi pacify-afi Apr 09
This reminds me of KFC lol
                              *ashton sees food* 
                              Fried chicken?
                              I worked at KFC once