Hide And Seek

Hide And Seek

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megan By YoCoco Updated Mar 27, 2016

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The Wolf Mate Games is basicly a way set up by the council for wolves to find their mates.

what happens in The Wolf Mate Games is simple, you find your mate, how, that's less simple.

you see all the females in the games get it easy, all we have to do is go to a hidden room in a hidden house.

the males part is slightly less so. let me explain:

the males are set off at a post ten miles away from any female at the games, if they are strong enough and powerful enough they'll get to their mate within only a few minets, if not it can take days! the male unmated population has to go around sniffing every single surface of everything! 


   My names Katya my father if the Alpha of 'The Red Moon Pack' and this is my first year at The Wolf Mate Games. I'm Hoping to find my mate this year so that I don't have to come again. I don't really know if I want A Mate, my friend Imogen has sworn to reject him unless my mate is some how closely related or best friends with hers and my best friend, Dehlia, doesn't want a mate. Read on to find out what's going to happen.

Best it's ever been:

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ShortcakePDKMV ShortcakePDKMV Jun 26, 2017
Girrrl im really intrigued about the story but i'm dying because of the spelling 🙃🙃🙃 i lost count of the mistakes 😅😅😅
That moment when they are foreshadowing the prince is her mate and I already called it when they said royalty was going to be in the game
XxGloomyDoomxX XxGloomyDoomxX Jul 16, 2017
                              Their is like possession. Say someone had a dog, it's their dog.
                              There is like a place. So someone asks for directions, you'd say like over there and point or whatever.
                              They're is they are put together.
xXdimmingsunsetXx xXdimmingsunsetXx Jul 07, 2017
So I'm absolutely in love with wolve books etc but this is confusing when people sorta make up there own instead of sticking to the whole Wikipedia made upon it and stuff no hate though it's quite cool
Rapunzellacinderella Rapunzellacinderella Jul 25, 2016
First book I've read where someone actually wants an omega!!!. This makes me so unbelievably happy. Status doesn't matter.