Little Sharpshooter (#Wattys2015)

Little Sharpshooter (#Wattys2015)

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KDKinney By KDKinney Completed

Sixteen-year-old Randy has been playing games with her pa for as long as she can remember. When shots are fired while she's tending her ill-tempered horse one morning, the game that plays out becomes one of survival for Randy. Outlaws have shown up on the family homestead to  seek revenge on her Pa from his long past Texas Ranger days. She hasn't played the game as well as she could have. Her pa dies and she's injured and on her own.

Randy plans to cross the American West with her guns and her horse as her only companions as she starts her journey to the ocean to scatter the ashes of those she loved. However, the boy that saved her life after trying to steal her horse wants to join her and an old family friend convinces her that they can make good money by exploiting Randy's excellent sharpshooting skills making her out to be the Annie Oakley of the West. Randy's full name Miranda Carter quickly becomes legendary all while outlaws are hot on their tail. 

But it doesn't take long for Randy to realize she could do without the fame, trouble, and danger being a Carter brings her and the boy she is falling for.

  • action-adventure
  • historical
  • horselove
  • romance
  • wattys2015
  • western
RafaLesniak RafaLesniak Aug 15, 2017
Her mother died during child birth! You are breaing my hear author!
RafaLesniak RafaLesniak Aug 15, 2017
I know this not appropriate right now but.. 🎶i can't live no I can't liv without you🎶
RafaLesniak RafaLesniak Aug 15, 2017
I love how Randy doesn't go for eye for an eye she goes for turn the other cheek... but she will find them i bet and serve them justice and put them in prison for life.
Actually gift is "hadiya" or "al-hadiya" in Arabic ( just letting you know^^)
RafaLesniak RafaLesniak Aug 15, 2017
No don't you dare Pa, i knew I shouldn't have said I like you, now you are going to die.
ElinaViolets ElinaViolets Sep 29, 2016
Do you mean 'Señora'? As in 'Lady' in spanish?
                              Das cool :3