How can I love you? (arranged marriage vampire/human)

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AbbeyRoad By AbbeyRoad Updated 4 years ago
Vampire/ human love story.
i love story's about vampire's by the way my name is jessica patten plz become a fan
Is ready for more keep up the great writing! Love this story!!
Am really enjoying this story. Looking forward to the next chapter. Very well written and easy to read - getting lost in the story as if it were true. 
U have a fan in me! I think it is wonderful. I just wish u would upload more.... I'm addicted and jeolous cuz u are quite talented!
Whoa am weird. I just joined and you won't believe this but i have a story thats is basically the same concept - having and arranged marriage to a vampire. But this is really good. I like it.
hey. read my story " Life as a Vampirette" its not half as good as yours but please let me know what you think! thanks