Atlantis Twisting Tides

Atlantis Twisting Tides

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AllieBurton By AllieBurton Updated Jan 30, 2015

When unrest threatens her kingdom, a mermaid princess must choose between loyalty and love.

When fifteen-year-old Atlantean Princess Adria sneaks away to see a hurricane on the surface of the ocean, she finds an air-breather in trouble. Kai's sailboat is sinking and Adria risks exposure of her Atlantean powers in order to save him.

Kai believes he's rescuing Adria. He's Atlantean too, with his own skills and secrets.

The two teens stumble onto an uninhabited island still thinking the other needs rescuing. When other Atlanteans show up--Atlanteans plotting against Adria's kingdom--Adria must decide whether to trust Kai based on the guy she's come to know or the company he keeps.

  • adventure
  • atlantis
  • fantasy
  • magic
  • paranormal
  • quest
  • strong
  • strong-heroine
CookieMonstaGal CookieMonstaGal Dec 31, 2015
Such a great story, now a days it's hard to find a great book like this. This would be my third time reading it, and it has never gotten boring!
Minnie_NyanCat Minnie_NyanCat Jun 19, 2015
I basically stayed up all night reading your first and second book.Your an amazing writer!
deathonwings deathonwings Nov 26, 2014
WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH I LOVE THIS! rose is right^ it is So fangirl worthy!
houseoftinythoughts houseoftinythoughts Nov 25, 2014
<3 I'm so in love with what you just wrote that I actually fangirled so you should just know that your book is 100% fangirl worthy ^o^