Hikaru x Reader x Kaoru

Hikaru x Reader x Kaoru

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Camara_Tsubaki By Camara_Tsubaki Updated Apr 04, 2016

I stood outside music room three, constantly hearing about this 'Host Club.' was making me curious. I bit my lip, not sure if I wanted to go in or not, then I felt a hand on both of my shoulders. I jumped up and turned around, with my eyes wide "WAAAHHH!!" I screamed, still freaked out from the sudden contact. When I calmed down, I saw who had touched me, it was two twins with orange hair and topaz eyes, they were smirking and chuckling.

"Skiddish are we?" asked the one on the left with his hair parted to the right.

I looked at the ground "It- It was just so sudden... I wasn't expecting it..."

They both laughed "Clearly." they stated in unison.

I frowned and I lifted my head up "Whatever..." I turn back around and start walking down the hallway, I hear footsteps approaching me.

"Weren't you going to go to the Host Club?" One of the twins asks.

"Yeah, you were standing right by the door.." the other asks.

I sigh "Why would I go in there if I knew you two were a part of that club?...

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Scarfers Scarfers Oct 14, 2017
_That_One_Trans_Boi_ _That_One_Trans_Boi_ Dec 11, 2017
"We aren't 'mean, unpleasant and sarcastic once you get to know us." 
                              I mean... Tamaki might disagree on that...
kittydatmeifwa kittydatmeifwa Jun 26, 2017
i liked which one is Hikarou game though........*clears throat*May The Force Be With..............Me?
Idea-san Idea-san Jan 12
Twins: *says out loud that I'm a game/toy and notices I heard that*
                              Me: Oh... Hahahahaahahahaha! It's all ok I'm used to being played!
PANDA_CHAN663 PANDA_CHAN663 Jun 05, 2017
That was sudden its only the first chapter and they are already playing with us......I LOVE OT💕💖💙💚💛💜💞💕
Karlaloveyou Karlaloveyou Feb 15, 2016
Jejeje my personality i like it but i would have slaped them