Ward's Obsession

Ward's Obsession

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Nyssa Q.J By NQJqueen Updated Nov 08

Have you ever wanted someone with such great passion?
Every waking moment, all you can think of is them.
To feel their skin under your hands.
To own every part of them.
That's how Damien and Javier feel about April Watters.
They wants possess her.
Control her.
Own her.
She's his fantasies,
Their addiction.
Their obsession.

But what happens what they have to compete with another for her.
Are they both willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen?

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                              Love this! I also love the line "I don't even try to respond to that."
                              I figured April's interviewer was the guy she spilled coffee on, but her reaction is still priceless :D
                              I didn't notice any errors, then again I was too busy reading LOL. I look forward to reading more!!!
- - Jun 14
                              I love this chapter! I love the humorous character of April, and the way you show her feelings. I assume that she's a teenager XD because of the whole coffee thing and crushes. 😂😂
                              I really like this, seriously, and when I get time I will definitely read more. Great job! 😀
                              That 'You played me.' line tho! Hooked me!
                              Great way to make an impression April! *bows down* Spell awkward! HAHAHAHAHAH
                              Anyways, I have an issue. The paragraphs were kinda written like a poem. Hahaha not that ig of an issue, but yeah.Still...
hannxhs hannxhs Sep 10
                              haha i loved it! your writing style is very entertaining and easy to read, and i feel like both characters have room for character development which i'm definitely looking forward to reading about.
                              oh, and when she was all "mr.ward and i go way back," that was hilarious haha!
Finally the moment we all have been waiting for *wipes tear*
Alanababes Alanababes Jun 04
I saw this coming 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂