The Unveiling Truth [TVD FanFiction]

The Unveiling Truth [TVD FanFiction]

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[Originally named 'True Love Prevails, Universe Be Damned]

Laura Gilbert is the younger sister of Elena Gilbert, the sassy, sarcastic and stylish twin and. The popular girl in school on the cheer leading squad, standing in as the vice captain beside her best friend Caroline Forbes. 

Along with her sister, she is the current doppelgänger to the Petrova bloodline, it's a curse that will bring her misfortune. 

Her parents died in a car accident that her sister is in but she miraculously survived and all the sympathy falls to her sister when she's also in a loss, causing Laura to always defy her. 

She hates being told what to do, especially from her sister. She hates it when Elena gets nosy and acts controlling because she's older. She'll do whatever to get away from her and do the exact opposite. 

Little did she know her life is about to be turned upside down. 

Damon and Stefan Salvatore has returned to Mystic Falls. They are vampires. 

Laura finds herself attracted to the older brother but she has a boyfriend, Tyler Lockwood. The jerk in everyone's eyes on the football team, but she doesn't care. She loves him. 

But what does he think of her? 

She becomes heartbroken after finding out he's been cheating on her with Vicki Donovan and broke up with him. 

She finds herself in the comfort of Damon, eventually falling in love with him but Damon only sees Katherine in her. Can she forgive him for that? Seeing her only as a replacement? 

That's not all. Katherine has return to ruin the lives of the twins, inviting the gang to play one of her petty games... but that's not the worst of it. 

The Original vampire Klaus is ready to break the curse and is on his way. But unexpectedly he gets a sudden interest with her. 

Because she looks like a certain someone. Tatia. The Original Petrova doppelgänger. 

Where does Laura's fate lie? Will there be a chance for her and Damon to begin?

ramatamimi ramatamimi Nov 28
Welcome the next pretty little liars, where 5 girls have to figure out who is d
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Apologize for what? Not being ready to lose your virginity to a dick head?