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I'll Wear Orange - (finished)

I'll Wear Orange - (finished)

7K Reads 50 Votes 16 Part Story
Alice By AylaAdams Completed

"Life isnt passing me by. It's trying to run me over."
Everything crumbled around Ashleigh, horses were her life, the few friends she had, meant the world to her. Her boyfriend was the best, and he Ex, well he was just him. Dissapeared then told her he was going to Ireland. But he wasn't, his dad went to see her. And everything got worst.
'Owen's sick!' 
Leukemia, was tearing her apart again. If it wasn't enough to watch his sister die. Now it seemed it was attacking him. And Ashleigh was going over the edge.

AylaAdams AylaAdams Aug 26, 2010
                              Thanks, I hope you keep reading, I would just like to say though, that this story was like my diary for the last few months. So what happens in the story actually happened. :( I hope you keep reading though x
Unknown2me Unknown2me Jul 16, 2010
I like this story!  I'll have to finish reading it when I get the time-pinky promise
EdenLee EdenLee Jul 15, 2010
their friendship is so pure aww i really like this story! i promise to make time out to read it.
FuzzyJester FuzzyJester Jul 15, 2010
Loving it, i like the amount of detail you use! I'm going to have to read on!! Voted :)
sweety101 sweety101 Jul 13, 2010
@PGEchic : wasnt me- was someone else on my account - ive erased it now - my apologies 
PGEchic PGEchic Jul 13, 2010
@sweety101 I don't see why you getting all defensive I wasn't even talking to you and she took for what it was.