(harry Potter) X Reader Oneshots, Twoshots, Lemons etc

(harry Potter) X Reader Oneshots, Twoshots, Lemons etc

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This is me on first day of school X"D then I turn into a monster.
All I can think about is this one vine where the guy was drunk but he was dressed as Dumbledore and he suddenly yelled "TEN MILLION POINTS FOR GRYFFINPUFF"
I'm just pretending to be nice... Soon, I'll kill you all >:)
Kirima17 Kirima17 Apr 07
To be honest I don't really like the shy manner the reader is put to be but it cute sweet and short
I have only played chess once, and when I said play, I mean I made the horses act like the MLP characters
My question here is: Who would be your Hogwarts best Friend? (Mine is Luna Lovegood)