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Between Past and Future

Between Past and Future

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Queen Wolf By TheWritingWolf1 Completed

Samantha Benedetti fled all the way to New York from Italy in order to escape to her past, seeking nothing but relief. She doesn't care about career nor finding love, all she wants is to find her cozy corner and keep on surviving.
To the world,she is  what you would call plain,average,just one common daisy among the others. However this daisy has been bent many times, yet she still keeps on pushing through. Her mind is trapped in a delicate balance that perpetually keeps her on the brink of disaster. Just one push,and the daisy will surrender to the unforgiving East wind.

Lucas Grant is a young,self made billionaire. The golden bachelor, as he is known to the public. He has achieved everything in life,his family is as unbelievably perfect as it may seem,his friends are few,but loyal, his company keeps on doubling its income every year. He's got everything. All he misses is that one girl. That one girl that will stop to look at the kind-hearted guy she might fall for, instead of point straight to his wallet. All he misses is that one girl in whose eyes he'll see his future.

Sam is stubbornly determined to steer clear of any sentimental bond. Lucas dreams of meeting his true love. Sam works for Lucas. Lucas has been having very indecent thoughts about Sam.

Only one more night, Sam keeps repeating, only one more night. Repeated again, and again, and again. But you know how it is, two people cannot afford such intimacy for too long without setting foot onto that uneven ground called feelings. 

The trouble is,while Lucas is projected into his future, a future he sees very clearly, Samantha is still stuck in her painful past, unable to move on. Will he be able to convince her that life is worth a try? Can he save her from herself as well as her demons? And what happens when said past comes back to haunt her? Will she surrender to the East wind? Or will she find the strength to fight one last, decisive battle?

spoiled_reader spoiled_reader Dec 17, 2015
🎵🎵 You, should stay another night with me oooo oooo ooouaaa one night stand is all I need 🎵🎵 😁😉