The Golden Bachelor [EDITING] - Broken Souls Series #1

The Golden Bachelor [EDITING] - Broken Souls Series #1

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Artemis Wolf By TheWritingWolf1 Updated Feb 22

[previously known as Between Past and Future]

Lucas Grant, CEO of Grant Enterprises.
As gorgeous as a prince. As clever as a scientist. As kind-hearted as a saint. The Golden Bachelor.
His company is a raging success. His family is as uneblievably perfect as it may seem. His friends are few, but loyal. He's hot, he's sexy, he's smart, he's rich, he's famous...he's got it all,right?
Not quite.
There's just that something guessed it. A girlfriend.
That one girl to come home to. The one person in whose eyes he'll see his future. The one person with whom he can be just...Lucas. Not the brilliant CEO, just...Lucas.
He's got no time to look for her, though...unless, she's way closer than he'd think.

Samantha Benedetti has been working at Grant Enterprises for the past six months, but she hasn't made a single friend, hasn't met anyone except her bubbly neighbor. She doesn't care for a social life, she paddles through this world without expectations, trying her hardest not to let her demons win over her.
She lives her life on a balance. A strict balance that does not allow feelings through her armor. It's the only way. As long as she doesn't feel, she won't hurt.
What happens, however, when her long unused heart restarts beating?

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maknaenamja maknaenamja Nov 27, 2017
Hi there Ms. Artemis, just wanna ask if this is the side story of Lucas and Samantha from Rooming with the Gods of Will and Rebecca? 😊
fenia87 fenia87 Feb 13
Damn! Even though i have already read it, it still gives me the ..good kind of chills, lmao!
AlylaRains AlylaRains Feb 11
I sense blue balls 
                              *Desperation rolling off in huge waves from L*
fenia87 fenia87 Feb 13 should see Lucas rn in what need of a relief he is!🙈🙈
fenia87 fenia87 Feb 13
Hmmmm...and how exactly did you practice lmao??? ...Nevermind! I can guess!
fenia87 fenia87 Feb 13
Yeah....what are you seeing there Lucas??😕😏😂😂😂😂