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Beca By DJBecaMitchell Updated Nov 06, 2014

A/N~ This may sound a bit like the Bellas are bullying Stacie, but they're really not. I based the Bella's actions on jokes that go round at my school. I don't mean for them to be mean. They're just teasing Stacie. Like how piggy in the middle isn't intentionally mean. It just comes across as mean.

"Turn it around!" They finished.

"Alright. Beca. You stay. Everyone else can take a break." The captain called.

"Aubrey, what the hell?"

"Everyone else has memorised the routine. Chloe's going to walk you through it. When you can do it all the way through with few or no problems, then you may take your break." Aubrey told her, sitting at the piano. "I'm going to watch to make sure Chloe doesn't lie for you and so I know that you actually can do it." The Alt Girl groaned in frustration.

Over in the bleachers, Stacie was drawing. She was sat on the floor, back against the railings, with her legs bent and her sketch book on her knees. She smiled slightly, continuously looking up at the sub...