Abducted by three (boyxboyxboyxboy)

Abducted by three (boyxboyxboyxboy)

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On a new account! By Xhands_on_meX Updated Apr 19, 2016

Zachary is now seventeen. As far as he knows, he's human.. But, if he's so normal, why does he have these.. Dreams? And,
Why does he feel an abnormal 
Pull towards not one, not two, but three individuals, including his brother?
He tries to ignore these things.
But upon his eighteenth birthday, 
He'll realize;
Some problems, you just can't run from.


 (Book two in the abduction series)!!

(Title and cover by SeikaPheonix :) love you, sis!)

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AllyCat- AllyCat- Apr 18
*Taps my thighs waiting for the 10000000000 Supernatural comments load*
I was like plz be werewolf plz be werewolfs but then remembered the cover had a wolf on it. I knew they were I just forgot😂
I wasn't expecting my kink to be in here, I came purely for the gay sex
at first I thought this was Dylan o'brien (cuz they look alike and Dylan is bae) and then I was like percyyy
AllyCat- AllyCat- Apr 18
You have twins wanting your booty, and I have ratchets wanted to slice and dice mine,
                              Tf you complaining for?
                              EXCUSE ME
                              I NEED
                              I NEED AIR