Abducted by three (boyxboyxboyxboy)

Abducted by three (boyxboyxboyxboy)

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On a new account! By Xhands_on_meX Updated Apr 19

Zachary is now seventeen. As far as he knows, he's human.. But, if he's so normal, why does he have these.. Dreams? And,
Why does he feel an abnormal 
Pull towards not one, not two, but three individuals, including his brother?
He tries to ignore these things.
But upon his eighteenth birthday, 
He'll realize;
Some problems, you just can't run from.


 (Book two in the abduction series)!!

(Title and cover by SeikaPheonix :) love you, sis!)

Hmm let me think.............
                              Tell you who did it
                              Or face punishment?
                              ILL GET THE ROPE!!!😉😉😉😉
LeahCandice LeahCandice Oct 31
Uummmm u want me to bend over while i do that hmmm wouldn't mind someone getting the whistle right about now 😏
Oh so there is only one brother. And his name is not Chevy or Impala. Ok confusing.
Tourment7 Tourment7 May 07
My bus driver will hit EVERY bump in the road so I can't read on my phone or even do my homework
we_lit we_lit Oct 25
Yeah but like he just got beat up by his bullies and now his bro lmfao I'm done
Awkward_Bro Awkward_Bro Sep 19
That reminded me of age play. People always get spanks in that. 😂