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Nobody - Sterek Hobrien

Nobody - Sterek Hobrien

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∆ Satan ∆ By BeTheDerekToMyStiles Completed

Stiles had never thought this would happen, he knew Beacon Hills was a little weird but this? Nope, he had never expected that his best friend would be bitten by a werewolf and then become a werewolf himself. He had never expected that everyone around him would turn into awesome creatures; banshees, kanimas, werewolves and kitsunes. And what does he get? Nothing, completely nothing. He is just a pathetic human, and it seems to be that he's the only human that's showing no signs of being a supernatural creature in his group of friends. Well, apart from Allison who is also a human, but at least she can do amazing things with weapons that are at least helpfull. Stiles... Well, Stiles feels like he can't do anything, like he can't help anyone. Like he's just the pathetic, worthless part of the pack. If you can even call him a part of the pack. He wants something, he wants to have something too. Something that will make him special, so he can help. But he never really wanted this...

Well I want to be like Jeff the killer, 
                              But I cant, unless I want to be arrested.
I love how these always mental distress with stiles in all these books it just makes it so relatable keep up the greatness
mirelxo mirelxo May 19
Can we just talk about the episode where he basically came back from the forgotten death and beat the crap outta parrish bc he was on the side of the bad guys
FiveSummerection9 FiveSummerection9 May 14, 2016
Well he did kind of reject Peter's bite, so I don't know why he's complaining!!! Being Human Is GREAT*note the sarcasm*
FiveSummerection9 FiveSummerection9 May 14, 2016
Yeah I want be a penguin, but that's highly impossible to shift into from a Human form!!!
TazorQueen TazorQueen Sep 21, 2015
I'm currently reading another fanfic, "Dangerous Liaisons"  (obviously it's Sterek) and then I clicked on this which is right next to that one on my library and I got so confused, I was like "Dafaq, weren't they investigating the thing, why are what? WAT" I was confused AF XD