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Jess Bridge By Si3nna Updated 2 days ago

Things change for the better or worse for Autumn when a gang demands for her to join them, with her and her family's life on the line; she has no choice but to accept. 

The gang changes everything about Autumn; from her clothes to her anti-violence attitude. They want to morph her into a deadly, killing machine- but for a girl who wears baggy sweatshirts and has had perfect grades since she learnt how to recite the alphabet- will it be possible?

Thrown into a house with three dangerous boys; thrown into a lifestyle of drilling bullets into skulls, pain and conflict and possibly- a spark of love.

Now Autumn is stuck in a gang house, stuck in between love-and-hate with a criminal that sets her heart on fire with just a touch, and stuck in a life that she doesn't want to lead- yet.

I would've licked or bite his hand I do that when my friend try to get me to be quiet
HARLZ2468 HARLZ2468 a day ago
Same I like school too weirdly. But I hate the work and waking up early
P1NKPR1NC355 P1NKPR1NC355 Dec 21, 2015
My friend's name is Wynter but she hates winter and loves summer
loveloveloveevol loveloveloveevol Jan 03, 2015
This story totally explains what happens between me and my friend dalton