The Alpha's Human Mate #Wattys2015

The Alpha's Human Mate #Wattys2015

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Bea Winters By BeaWinters Updated Feb 19

Alec Woods, the alpha of the Silver Blood pack, is twenty two and in search of his mate. 

And he finally meets her. 

But here’s the twist, she's Human. 

Determined to get her, Alec will do anything. But the real question is will she accept him or will she reject him?

crimson_152 crimson_152 Aug 05
I know this is wrong of me but.... He's bout to bill Cosby the shít out of you😂
LanayaPharr LanayaPharr Sep 22
This is why I could never be in one of these stories Bruh he would of already been dead, human or not
TheBester01 TheBester01 Jul 03
She just makes me feel bad I'm 5'1 for crying out loud at age 15. I'm probably going to stop at like 5'3
judi_love judi_love May 19
wow... Juss Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm almost completely wordless... ALMOST but not quite. I Loooooooooov dis storay Bruh its soooinooooooooooo dope!!!!!!! #TheBom #LoveItSoMuch  #YrTheBest
Guys she is scared she woke up in a random house and has no clue of whats going on plz chill guys
Im sorry to ruin the moment but just one question : *clears throat* R THEY DOING THIS IN THE MIDDLE OF A F****** NIGHT CLUB??!,!,!,,!,,????!!! ##**!?!?!??