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Sonic Boys x Reader

Sonic Boys x Reader

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Trash on Fire By Burning_Underground Completed

Okay, so I've been reading a lot of these types of books, and I decided to do one myself. This won't contain... anything extremely dirty.... I don't write that kind of stuff!!!!
I will do any Sonic guy character!!!
If it's cheesy, then sorry... I tend to write really cheesy romance moments... heh...
And they might be based on country songs... that's where I get most of my inspiration.
Anyways, I hope you enjoy!!!!
DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT own any Sonic characters!!! If I did, then Sonadow will be alive and Scourge and the Zone Cops would be in more than just the comics and fanfics!!!

Name: Nicole 
                              Last Name: Jeniva
                              Fur color: Red and white 
                              Animal: Echidna
                              Fav Song: Closer Chainsmoker
                              Fav Food: Strawberries
                                 I am a devil and I only eat strawberries and raw meat and I take things very seriously all the time,so that is all for you guys to know.
AndreaBae AndreaBae Apr 29, 2016
                              Brown eyes
                              Stone cold by demi lovato and dangerous woman by Ariana Grande 
ArtizaPander ArtizaPander Oct 06, 2016
I don't have a character, so I will use myself
                              Name: Artiza
                              Last name: Pander
                              Fur color: blonde
                              Eye color: cyan
                              Type/animal: hyena????
                              Fav song: little game - benny
                              Fav food: salad (I'm a vegetarian)
Eggman I'm not a chillidog so stop trying to use me- :Facepalms: i just gave him an idea didn't I?
SisiLovesU SisiLovesU Dec 04, 2016
Name: Jinx 
                              Last Name: Tiger
                              Fur color: black and white 
                              Eye color: dark purple 
                              Type of animal: Jaguar 
                              Favo song: falling for you 
                              Favo food: pizza