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The Bodyguard

The Bodyguard

4.2K Reads 63 Votes 3 Part Story
Lauren By ljhughes Updated Jul 12, 2010

Rochelle Thompson left school after completing her A levels and started working for a company called Protection as a bodyguard. At the age of nineteen she is one of the best in her field and one of the only female bodyguards around. Rochelle accepts a job to protect the on-the-rise singer Craig Jones but what she doesn't know until it's too late to back out is that she's got to live with him because of the numerous death threats he's been receiving. Rochelle is forced to be with him and his cocky attitude 24/7 to protect him but might end up killing him herself if he doesn't leave her alone and let up on the sexist, and seriously lame, jokes.

  • apartment
  • arguement
  • asshole
  • craig
  • file
  • george
  • investigate
  • kyle
  • laugh
  • mark
  • martys
  • protection
  • rochelle
  • scar
  • shaw
  • shock
  • snide
  • surprise
  • teen
  • work