Text message ;; Ls (Rewriting)

Text message ;; Ls (Rewriting)

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طفلة ― By -daddysgirl Updated Nov 14

❝  I'm in love with you, and I'm sorry that I was to damn selfish and to damn afraid to admit that to you. To admit that to myself.  ❞

 In which Louis is a lost, depressed teenage boy with issues. He struggles with his best friend becoming gay whilst Harry haves his own dramatic problems to deal with. They both are broken from they're pasts but together they seek something in each other that only they can understand. They're journey is full with troubles, broken hearts, and pain. Yet when both of their lives starts ripping to shreds, they always find each other along the way.


Start editing: 11-13-16

Larry Stylinson fanfiction

Please don't say that someone become's gay, just say they've discovered that they're gay
It makes me quite sad that you're rewriting this since I adored the original version but I'm still beyond exited for the new one (especially since you'll be updating again) so thank you so much, I love your writing ❤️
I wasn't here since the start but I mean I'm here for a while now
emily_pepe emily_pepe Nov 16
I'm so excited for this. I love Jay as well, and I'm very excited to see where you take the story this time!