The Unattainable (The Foreplay to Forgiveness)

The Unattainable (The Foreplay to Forgiveness)

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Dawn By DonnaKhaia Updated Jun 25, 2015

"Turn around, Adelaine."

Heart hammering in my chest, I didn't budge.

"I said turn around, Adelaine."

His voice, a grave, resonant command had me obeying completely this time without a second thought. My mind screamed to bolt out, to ubpush him away or slap him. But none of the three was going to happen, because I couldn't flee, and neither could I fight him.

Closing the curtains behind him, he dropped his suit jacket on the floor. His hands came down to my shoulders, and very carefully, he started to lower down my crossed arms down to my sides. Slowly, he leaned in, and I had to tilt my head back to look at him.

"This has to stop," Mikhail whispered. "I refuse to suffer another morning wood, Adelaine, not anymore. These...endless fantasies of you have to stop." He caressed my shoulders and his breath fanned warm on my neck.

      "Get dressed. I'm taking you to my house tonight."

(adult content: sex, mafia, substance-abuse related chaps® mature readers only)

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IrshIffyWritings IrshIffyWritings Jan 11, 2015
I loved the beginning :) really attention catching, good job.
DonnaKhaia DonnaKhaia Dec 17, 2014
@mrsbotkin yes. I'm glad this prologue got your attention ;)
DonnaKhaia DonnaKhaia Dec 08, 2014
@QuodEratFaciendum ur welcome! haha ngka oras gumawa ng desenteng cover :D
QuodEratFaciendum QuodEratFaciendum Dec 08, 2014
OMG thanks for the dedication! In fairness sa new cover.. ;)
BlackGuru BlackGuru Nov 16, 2014
I'm not into grammar lapses, your story has elegance. steaming hot!
QuodEratFaciendum QuodEratFaciendum Nov 14, 2014
Hey there! Gripping prologue, but could use some editing grammar-wise. I understand though, since English isn't our primary language. I could help with pre-reading and editing if you like, though I'm no expert. Still, great job!