Vires Academy: Super Powers

Vires Academy: Super Powers

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Mr Bean By FrizzBlue Completed

Vires Academy: A school where many of the students develop an unnatural power. Some say it could be called a super power. The school is where they can learn to control and manage these powers in a balanced environment. But what happens when something starts to kill them off one by one.

An unkown force is brewing and now the kids are forced to show the world what they are capable of. What happens when these kids must face others with similar powers, others that want more then to just injure their opponent.

Who knew super powers could be so interesting.

Philvenmach Philvenmach Aug 21, 2017
I now have the irresistable urge to kill fictional characters with salad tongs...
zyx-only zyx-only Apr 08, 2017
seriously ? A hair brush ?? Aint that normal for us asian kids when we do something wrong 😂
Ilovecutestories6 Ilovecutestories6 Nov 26, 2017
Aw man I love romance but oh well I can tell ur story is still gonna be great!
xXJellohXx xXJellohXx Feb 16, 2017
He and she bc I'm still confused about the gender of the main character
xXJellohXx xXJellohXx Feb 16, 2017
Call 911, run, do something just get out of that house and question how old are you
xXJellohXx xXJellohXx Feb 16, 2017
Yes fine someone TO HELP YOU LIKE THE POLICE 👮 just a thought