Risen: Niekro's War

Risen: Niekro's War

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Shawn Jackson By bloodsword Completed

Odashen. Kamdemahn. Giant's Bane. Oldest One. On the worlds of the Avatar Alliance I am called many names and I am considered many things.  Some see me as a holy warrior with a purpose so powerful, not even Death can stop me. Others think me a tormented wanderer, driven mad by a horrible fate and left to travel the wastes for eternity. Yet others see me as a soulless creature of otherworldly vengeance, returning from the grave to wreak havoc on my enemies.

From my point of view, I am ALL of these things. Yet, I am none of them.

My name is Max Niekro and I am Risen. I have been summoned back from the grave for one purpose and one purpose alone.

I'm here to kill Velkin.

Join the Risen juggernaut in this sequel to Risen: Darklight and the third book in the Risen saga as he continues his quest to defend Earth and the living of the galaxy by taking his war to the stars, where he will face even greater challenges to his effort to rid the universe of the rapacious Velkin, a giant alien race bent on consuming every living sentient being they find before sucking out their home world's life force.

  • action
  • adventure
  • aliens
  • military
  • paranormal
  • sciencefiction
BogdanOlaru BogdanOlaru Sep 08, 2016
In the last chapter of Darklight you said it was "dart 26" and now you say "dart 537"
TrailBlaiser TrailBlaiser Dec 13, 2016
Oh man, I'm gonna go full grammar nazi on this book. Incoming comment barrage!
ChrisBieniek7 ChrisBieniek7 Oct 07, 2016
That kicked a** I've been reading and remebering why I like and write science fiction. This was an epic battle and very smart and sexy.
philosopher05 philosopher05 Jun 08, 2016
IM adding this to my reading list. It looks cool but I don't have enough time to read it right now.
Lebo_Mashego Lebo_Mashego Apr 27, 2016
Bloodsword, u should really indicate the fact that this book is the third in ur risen series since most people , like myself , found this one long b4 we found the first one
StanjoNagasaki StanjoNagasaki Jul 15, 2016
You have a talent with military descriptions and conversation, which gives the feel of a well oiled machine. The admiral is not one to be messed around with haha. Overall this chapter is very well written and has us engaged in military action from the get go.