Baby Daddy c.t.h.

Baby Daddy c.t.h.

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Terrilynn By brokenscenexx Updated Aug 10

Shaylee Ava Hemmings, twin sister of the one and only Luke Robert Hemmings. After some drunken sex with Calum Hood, Shaylee becomes pregnant. Neither one of them are ready for this big responsibility but, together they'll get through it.


Cover by: JordynHemmings96

girls_talk_Malum girls_talk_Malum 7 days ago
YESSS... The reason I love their music is bc every song has their own beat, lyrics and it's just UGHHHH 💞💞💞💞💞💞💗👍
lost-seoul lost-seoul Feb 28
I thought she was supposed to be Luke's twin (that's what the story description says)
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This may sound weird but Shaylee is my cousin's name and she also had a kid at around the same age. Lol sorry if that was random
pix_ls pix_ls Apr 10
I'm sorry I know you probably made this long time ago but I was wondering why it's says happy birthday to Luke only but in the description it says their twins? I'm so sorry if you find this offensive I was just wondering
She's pretty but I'm just gonna pretende that Shaylee is me... like I always do