The Baron of Grogzwig - Charles Dickens

The Baron of Grogzwig - Charles Dickens

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phonegeek By phonegeek Updated Dec 07, 2006

The Baron of Grogzwig

Charles Dickens

The Baron Von Koëldwethout, of Grogzwig in Germany, was as likely a young baron as you would wish to see. I needn't say that he lived in a castle, because that's of course; neither need I say that he lived in an old castle; for what German baron ever lived in a new one? There were many strange circumstances connected with this venerable building, among which, not the least startling and mysterious were, that when the wind blew, it rumbled in the chimneys, or even howled among the trees in the neighbouring forest; and that when the moon shone, she found her way through certain small loopholes in the wall, and actually made some parts of the wide halls and galleries quite light, while she left others in gloomy shadow. I believe that one of the baron's ancestors, being short of money, had inserted a dagger in a gentleman who called one night to ask his way, and it was supposed that these miraculous occurrences took place in consequence. And yet I ha...

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mloiterton mloiterton Mar 01, 2013
I loved this tale, I could picture the Monty Python crew as the characters, well done Mr. Dickens most amusing and with a moral!