Are You The One? [A Jungkook Fanfiction]

Are You The One? [A Jungkook Fanfiction]

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a [on hiatus] By cypherjeon Updated Jan 16

" you are the only one "
• hm ? •
" yes, the only one "
• what are you talking about ? •
" my only one "

Raina is just an ordinary girl from Japan but because of her father's work, she got moved to South Korea along with her family. Will she able to make friends there? Will she able to survive with the new people she meet? Will she meet her "The One"?

[ cypherjeon ]

_j-horse _j-horse Jul 05
I was so obsessed with Japan the earlier days and now I got obsessed with south Korea lol , anybody here a used-to-be anime fan ?
All those things happened to me when my brother was born.. I still wonder if my parents care for me
I feel ya girl thats how im feeling right now and i have like 4 other siblings
yoongoz yoongoz Nov 20
lol im the youngest and my family literally hates me, my mom identified me as an emo and put me on antidepressants when i was just 3 because i was "too serious" kms
yoongoz yoongoz Nov 20
say that about brendon urie to my face i dare you watch me fume
Your grammar... *cringe* I'm sorry but it's hurting my eyes.