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Journey of the Heart (Camila/OC)

Journey of the Heart (Camila/OC)

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BefallenChains By BefallenChains Completed

You are Alexandra McKenzie. The sole heir to a multi-billion dollar enterprise. You're the typical privileged young adult who would rather spend your nights partying with the A-list celebrities than preparing for a meeting with a board member.
Throughout your young adult life you have made some bad decision that have cost your family a lot of strife and reprimand in the business world. Your parents are always away on business trips in order to further the company name leaving you to do as you please back in Los Angeles, the mecca of tabloid, media and other rich privileged children. 
After a night out, as usual, you find yourself on the operation table after a horrible accident. You wake up with a whole new perspective on life and decide to change your ways.
Along your journey of retribution, you continue to have vivid dreams of a young girl and her perfect happy family. You envision yourself in the young girl's shoes and see how see saw the world. Perfect and filled with endless wonders. In your mind, you believe that's the way you should start to live your life. 
Unbeknownst to you, you fall in love with the little girl's sister. How she would smile down at her younger sister with those deep brown eyes. How she always made it a mission to make everyone happy around her. You never thought someone that genuine could exist. And you didn't. Until you bumped into her in the real world, outside of your dreams. 

What happens when you find out the real truth behind the dreams? Why you feel so connected to your dream girl? And why you suddenly had a change of heart?

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