Blame The Chairman ( The Mortal Instruments - Malec )

Blame The Chairman ( The Mortal Instruments - Malec )

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Mikki By Preussenlied Completed

It had been so long ago, Alec remembered. So long ago that he and Magnus had broken up. Thanks to him and his stupid self. Well, that's what he believed, at least. And he felt that it was the truth.

For a long while, Alexander Lightwood barely left the Institute. Barely left his room. Barely left his bed. He honestly couldn't believe that it was over between them. Just like that.

Why did I have to be so stupid? Alec remembered saying to himself many times. Why did I have to go to her? Why did I do what I did? This is all my fault... And I could have prevented it... I could still be with Magnus if I just... If I weren't so damn stupid!

Now, though, wasn't a time he could think about the breakup or even Magnus Bane for that matter. He had to get out of the Institute. He had to just take a walk. Clear his mind. Forget about everything else for the time. And it had been a while since he did this. There was the occasional time when he had to leave to hunt, but other than that, Alec refra...