Bad Boy In Love With the Emo Boy(BoyxBoy)

Bad Boy In Love With the Emo Boy(BoyxBoy)

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Saya Love By Love-Saya-Chan Completed

Lynn McCain is your every day bad boy. His 18, with his brown hair and stunning hazel eyes. He breaks the rules, gets in trouble constantly. Every girl in school wants him, and drools over him. He dates girls but breaks there heart. Lynn is never one to stay in a relationship. That is when his attracted to Caleb Wayne.  Now why would the bad boy be attracted to a guy, when all his life he went for the females. What was happening to him. Caleb is the freak, emo, and unwanted kid at school. With his dark hair and blue eyes. Caleb never dates, nor has asked any girl out. But in secret he has a crush on someone he can't ever have. 

What lays ahead of them is a bumpy and dramatic ride. With lies, hate and secrets.


psycho-petals psycho-petals May 11, 2016
Is Caleb a clone of Gee Way or is he just 3rd place in sass queen? I also support the LGBT community. Glad someone else agrees! 🤗💜💖
21_Horizons 21_Horizons Oct 29, 2016
I know I'm being stupid but the grammar is just seems like a great story, so I'm gonna try to ignore it all 😓
Sam_Vantas Sam_Vantas Jul 13, 2016
Dude were the same age! !! If i was a guy id have sex with him.
Lolz_Sierra Lolz_Sierra Aug 14, 2016
I'm the 69th comment, YAY
                               ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
jefferywoodslover210 jefferywoodslover210 May 17, 2016
                              This is my favorite book on wattpad 
                              Read this about 3 times and love it 
                              I love this book and I love you. 
Levi_Ackerman-Ereri Levi_Ackerman-Ereri Jul 29, 2016
Haven't read one of these in awhile, forgot how much I love this story genre.