Ciel x Reader fanfic  I love you...

Ciel x Reader fanfic I love you...

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You've known Ciel since Childhood, upon being his there are many issues. including love struck others such as Alois, Claude, and maybe even Druitt. (Then again, Druitt loves everyone.) Beyond Ciel's dizzying array of love the future lies ahead, who knows where that'll lead and who's life will pay for it?

~ROUTE 2~ (currently writing)

(Reverse harem??)

You've known Ciel since childhood, but upon being his there are many issues. The biggest being your family heirloom, stolen and kept from you by Alois Trancy, your first betrothed. Besides that, others are lovestruck by your stunning beauty and lovely personality. Bard, especially, has fallen head over heels for you, but then again, so has Sebastian, Claude, Finnian, and perhaps more?!

above all, will Ciel be chosen?

(First fanfiction I ever wrote. And I wrote it in middle school. I'm sorry)

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I think after about 20 seconds that hug would have turned awkward
                              Dreaded is correct...
                              Maybe childish?...
                              (I don’t like Lizzy sometimes since she can be dense)
star_gayze_ing star_gayze_ing Sep 10, 2016
Imagine if she didn't hug him back, how awkward would that be?
AussieWrites AussieWrites Mar 21, 2016
Nah. Onetime me and my boyfriend (now my ex) hugged for like 20 minutes.
pxrplelemcnade pxrplelemcnade Oct 28, 2016
I have thre-- wait...four! Baes in this Anime!
                              4.Alois....don't judge me....
- - Apr 22, 2016
Death the kid "it must be it is the only symmetrical number that can fold over its self"