I struck a deal with the Devil

I struck a deal with the Devil

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Kawaii Witch By evil_panda22 Completed

Living in a small unknown country, Violet dreamed of seeing the world one day.

But her dream was crushed when her best friend stabbed her in the back, literally.

On the verge of death Violet sees an angel come to her.

The angel offers her a deal.

"Be mine and you shall be free."

Little did she know, she had struck a deal with the Devil.

* * *
I struck a deal with the devil - first book
My sweet little bride - sequel 
* * *


~Warning: Lots of bad words and sexual content.~

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is there any way to be both an indie rock fan and a metalhead because me
I currently have the Huawei and I kinda like it, I mean it is slow but I love how big it is considering I have large hands
Babydoll439 Babydoll439 Jun 28
Silence is golden but bullets are silver... and so is blades and duck tape
dsllover412 dsllover412 Feb 28, 2016
I have no idea why but I just got HELLA EXCITED to read this... I normally don't get this exited with books but it CALLED TO ME
midnight_134 midnight_134 Feb 19, 2016
This is my second time reading this book😄 I love it that much😍
KurohiRena KurohiRena Jul 15, 2016
This book is amazing and a thrill ride all the way until the end<3 Enjoy Reading people of the future! :D (im weird i know, shhhhhh) :3