Well Dead

Well Dead

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Robert Thier By RobThier Completed

A murder at the castle gates, a young widow in distress - and only one man willing to solve the mystery of the violent death that has disrupted the peaceful village of Sevenport!

After years of hardship and slavery, Harun the Arab has found work as a noblemen's scribe in the village of Sevenport. Altough he often meets with hostility in medieval Christian Europe, he is content with his lot. 
Yet his quiet life is disturbed when a peasant in his village is murdered and nobody seems inclined to investigate the murder. There's no such thing as a police in medieval Europe - unlike in Harun's homeland. So Harun will just have to fill the gap and find the murderer...


8 / 10 points, Writing4eva Book Reviews

# 4 on 'What's hot'-list category Historical Fiction
#27 on 'What's hot'-list category Mystery / Thriller

The first work by RobThier, the most successful German Wattpad authors and winner of multiple awards, published in English.

naomicandyx naomicandyx Sep 13
it means the year of our lord i think and it refers to after Christ died
Am I really going to read this book for like the 3rd time now??!?
                              YES I AM!
It was great but I have trouble reading it due to the symbols replacing the coats
In a different book i've read, there was no comma between 'Ahlan ya' and the name(Wenzel). I'm a bit confused on which is correct now. Can someone please clarify that?
EmilyKimen6 EmilyKimen6 Aug 07
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Tamikabeown Tamikabeown Jul 16
Wat is this word that keeps popping up starting with AA it's starting to get hard to understand the read