Legend of the White Wolf

Legend of the White Wolf

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There's this legend. A legend that goes back about a hundred years. According to said legend, a very powerful vampire will rise up and try to take over the human race. Supposedly, nothing can stop him. Nothing...except a white werewolf bearing magical powers.

Mia Johnson is an average, seventeen year old girl with the gift of magic. Not to mention, she lives with a pack of werewolves. And her father happens to be the Alpha. Mia has one more year until she finds out if she's a werewolf or a regular human. But with mates, facing the loss of loved ones, and gaining new loved ones, and the end of the world all in the balance - who knows what could happen.

#216 in Werewolf - 07/16/2017
#234 in Werewolf - 05/08

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edgylions edgylions Aug 09, 2017
I love you, god dang it! (Everyone I've met except for two or three of my friends is grossed out by me/other girls even standing in their eyesight with only a bathing suit top/bra and shorts on)
ThatGirlNoOneNoticed ThatGirlNoOneNoticed Dec 18, 2017
I don't mind changing infront of my bestie or my cousins but if someone says "we're all girls her!" I get pissed off
I don't like changing in front of anyone because I am very insecure about my body
missyxmills missyxmills Jul 10, 2017
Sooo me! And don't think I won't do it!! I may be short but I will pull you by your arm and drag you if I have to.!!!
-babyxoii -babyxoii Aug 02, 2017
I hate it when your parents force you to wear something nice when in reality I have no dresses or skirts in my closet
- - Oct 26, 2016
Wait Voldemort is making an appearance?!?!?! I thought Harry killed that jerk!