I Am Living With an Idiot

I Am Living With an Idiot

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Vena Anderson, a nineteen year old girl has moved away from home to attend college. She has no desire to live in a small dorm room and having to live with a complete stranger, so living in an apartment for her college years is her next option. The only flaw in her plan is that she can't afford it without a roommate. Vena has lived in this apartment all through the past year and just as the new school year is right around the corner, the landlord decided that she would raise the rent.

James Hendersom, a nineteen year old guy has been recently kicked out of his dorm for smoking cigarettes. He now has been living with his parents until he can find a place of his own. He has been searching and searching for the past week and could not find anything, until just a few days ago. 

James was looking through the ads, again and one popped out more then all the others sitting on that plain webpage: "Looking for roommate. Contact Vena Anderson for further information"

*This Wattpad story is rated Mature for strong language and some sexuality*

Book One of the 'I Am Living With An Idiot' series.

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amejia6148 amejia6148 a day ago
Heavy as shît but thank god it’s my last year . *wipes sweat and tears . Now that I realize it high school is most likely to be worse.
BentOverBkwrds1 BentOverBkwrds1 5 days ago
Im stuck in the middle between 2 brothers ugh no sisters like WHY
alldaybreakfast alldaybreakfast a day ago
*  puts finger over her mouth*  shhhhh . Just take it and go
Midnightbolt12 Midnightbolt12 2 days ago
Idk y but I am imagining the guy with the weird accent from grown ups 1
Renissa15 Renissa15 2 days ago
Okay this ...... I don't know ....I -I'm so confused 😓😕 ..... this IS wattpad right ????!!!
ashleylau549 ashleylau549 6 days ago
so 18 pounds, i weighted my textbooks in the beginning of the year and each of them were 5-6 lbs