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My Possessive Alpha Mate

My Possessive Alpha Mate

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Eve King By Wondering_Eve Updated Jul 01, 2016

Eve hated authority and being told what to do. But when her 17th birthday came along she was about to be put in a world filled with rules and possessiveness. How? of course from her new Alpha mate named Zack. What happens when she has to move across the country with her new and powerful mate? How does she deal with his huge ego and possessiveness? And does she learn to love him? Or does fate begin to change because of choice that were made?

_I-AM-KAWAII_ _I-AM-KAWAII_ Oct 07, 2016
Tbh it took me a solid 2mins to realize she meant goody two shoes?😂👌🏻🔥
fleetingheart fleetingheart Nov 06, 2016
XD I read this so fast that I had to reread it again XD cause I added chocolate next to breakfast somehow XD "mom made me my favorite chocolate breakfast" da fk o.O haha XD
alexguerra35 alexguerra35 Aug 15, 2016
Is it bad that is me? People are scared of me😂😂 oh🐳
fleetingheart fleetingheart Nov 05, 2016
Omfg XD beeping XD lmao irl XD ahaha this has happened so many times to me haha I go to read a book like this and it starts out exactly like this ahaha I'm fking dying ahaha u have no idea XDDDD
alleycat995 alleycat995 Jan 28, 2016
I literally screamed with frustration after reading this paragraph. No offense to the author but why is it always WHITE wolf that is special. Whoever came up with this cliche is low key racist af
Wondering_Eve Wondering_Eve Nov 05, 2014
omf hiiiiiiiiiii I miss u and I love u...we need to hang out soon brah