I fell in love with my best friend

I fell in love with my best friend

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Hey Guys! This is my first ever story.....

I hope you like it.... ILY 


I've been best friends with Timmy for 3 1/2 years. My close friend Nicky says that if you have been friends for more than 4 months, you might have fallen in love. Is it true though? I might never know.


" Hey Marie! Marie!!!!" my best friend Timmy calls. "Aye Timmy!" I call back. I met Timmy when we were in Yr 4, but we weren't that close. We only got closer in Yr 5. Now we are in Yr 8, in different classes. Before he could say anything else, my boyfriend Matthew, came running up towards us. " Hey Cutiepie" he kisses me on the forehead. " Hey Matthew" I say. He's so sweet. 

Coming back to Timmy, " you guys have met each other right?" I ask them both. "Yup" they both answer. Before anyone can say anything, the bell rang. " Bye Babe, see you after classes?" " Sure!" I kiss him. When I wanted to say bye to Timmy .... He had this peculiar look on his face.

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