tutor • mashton [✓]

tutor • mashton [✓]

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"And why the hell do I need to know the answer of y² - x³ = 432?"

"Well, because if you solve it, I'll kiss you."

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You you got so much enthusiasm like even when Im happy I don't do this am I just depressed?????  Or are you just overly excited????
I've never been fond of Cake... Idk what they did to make me not like them together but they did something, I can stand it tho so gimme some Cake 😂
For a second I forgot I was reading mashton and thought it was muke and starting fanpersoning then I realized wait they don't get together heart please chill
The girl that i like isn't smart so she's not going to tutoring me anytime soon, such a shame
I had a 9% in math for a lot of the year but I pulled it up to a C in the last few weeks of school
mary_rider mary_rider May 29, 2016
i ship lashton but i love mashton, too...
                              imma ashton girl -_-