My Manager, My Lover? [Infinite Fanfic]

My Manager, My Lover? [Infinite Fanfic]

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Alandria6 By Alandria6 Completed

Skye Song was a tomboyish girl who came to Korea to work at her Uncle's entertainment company. Little did she know that she would be assigned as a manager to the top idol group of the company; Infinite.

After taming the Diva Sungjong in their first meeting, Skye was reassigned as a manager to Infinite. Now she will have to share a dorm with over a handful of men and a room with Sungjong.

Will she be able to handle the stress of managing an idol group? What will happen if the fans find out she is a girl? What will the members think? What happens if she falls in love with one of them?

I'd like to Thank my Chingu @Infinite0809 once again for making the cover for this book.

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