The Raven z.h

The Raven z.h

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Carter Simmons By ZIALLISLIFEE Completed

[ziall; completed]

Niall is just a regular school kid, he's moved to Bradford for the first time from Mullingar in Ireland due to his mother getting offered work overseas.

During Niall's first day, everything around him seems to be normal and in order.

Till somebody stands out. 

A boy with jet black hair, warm hazel eyes, all dressed in black. Niall knows from the moment he sees that boy he is going to become more and more curious till he finds out who he is


mcuhowell mcuhowell May 01
i'm reading this again damn carter what did you do to me @ZIALLISLIFEE
*goes into book and slices up teacher with chanshaw* there, all better. Carry on.
Be_Abnormal Be_Abnormal Sep 09
At Naples, in Italy, in every school most of the people are very accepting of all sexuality
I deadass wanted to laugh out loud at this but my dad was on the phone
narrysbish narrysbish Jun 01
In my small school of 100 everyone is accepting of everyones sexuality. There are many openly bi and gay students and they dont get treated differently from straight students. Its amazing ik :')
TraceeJ13 TraceeJ13 Apr 10
OHhhhhh.... Believe Me when i say His sooo Fudging* HOT!!!! (**Fanning my self)