American Werewolf goes to Hogwarts

American Werewolf goes to Hogwarts

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Baodune By Baodune Updated Jun 07, 2018

Nineteen years have past since the fall of the dark wizard lord Voldemort and the defeat of his death eater followers. Many changes have taken place in the wizarding world of the europe. Centaurs, Goblins, and House Elves have all gotten equality in the wizarding world. Well in the case of the House Elves as much as they would let be given to them. 

	The plight of the werewolves of europe have been pushed aside over and over again. Which has lead to greater anger and resentment among the werewolf community. Talk of war is beginning to stir. The ministry and those urging reform have in desperation asked their american counter parts for help. Enter Samuel Castlebrook and his son Jeremiah who is a werewolf.

	Eleven year old Jeremiah is going to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. All is not well at Hogwarts. It will be up Jeremiah and the students of Hogwarts old and new to save it.

	With war looming and Hogwarts in jeopardy a ancient evil stirs that threatens them all. What will happen when a American Werewolf Goes To Hogwarts.

I will make this clear. This is a fan fiction. I only have rights to those characters I've created for this story. All other right's reside with the original author J. K. Rowling. So please don't scream at me about it.

Cover made by: Fiction_Chica

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