The Sweet Curves

The Sweet Curves

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sky By badhabits- Completed

Growing up in the shadow of an externally successful and internally dysfunctional family, Lena Waters has become a realist in her own right. Working to create a living for herself, Lena has convinced herself that she's not slim enough for love, making romance is the last thing on her constant list of things to do. 

Jared Michaels is the twenty-six year-old CEO of a successful car sales company, coming into the hierarchy thanks to the generosity of his step-father. With a hidden past and the belief that love is for everyone, Jared is an optimist at heart.

And all it takes is one night for the two to begin a journey that leads them to realizing that love isn't for the perfect, because love isn't perfect itself. 

Copyright © 2014 Skyler L. [#5 in Chick Lit - 6/7/15] [Story currently under editing, so please keep that in mind when reading!]

(Though Book 1 in the BODY POSITIVE Series, it does not have to be read before the second.)

[This is a first draft, so beware any grammar/spelling errors!]

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inspirationalhazzard inspirationalhazzard Jun 20, 2017
My simple makeup is a winged liner, some mascara and if my lips arent chapped, lipstick. My night out makeup is the whole SHIBAM
ViennaXo ViennaXo Sep 27, 2017
This is going to sound really horrible. But, if she is uncomfortable with her weight, why not lose it? Go to the gym, go on a diet. Do something🤷🏼‍♀️ Personally, I like her figure. But, if she doesn't. Why moan but, don't do anything about it? 
                              I'm not hating. By the way
once-upon-a-star once-upon-a-star Oct 10, 2017
I hate when girls say I’m so fat, when they aren’t. Like I’m actually fat lol.
once-upon-a-star once-upon-a-star Oct 10, 2017
I only wear mascara but that’s only when I get out of the house, which is like never.
SehuniesMaknae SehuniesMaknae Sep 02, 2016
🙅🙇🙎😼😾🙀💩🙊🙈👅👣👇👎💛🔫💣💉🎃🔌🔕🚬✂📍📌📎📈🎯🃏🐣🌜🌛🚷🔜🔚🔙🚮 📴📵📳♿🚭⚠💥🔥💨💦🔗💤✖💫⬇↘↙⤵⏬🔽
christdora123 christdora123 Aug 07, 2016
Im not gonn lie
                              As soon as i read CEO....i was like..."OKAY THATS ALL I NEED TO KNOW !!!😂😂😂😂😂"....and now i reading it